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Creating interest, and jobs, strengthening the body, getting energy to help us through, finding the the Soul's influence   working in us -  

     We introduce these qualities at LINK Co-operative's Friends Forum. The Healing Format,     Soul Studies, Media Works--- Get back to work with Link Community Services and     perhaps join our Bulgarian Adventure.

                          the starting point:-

     You must look out for others & as far as possible put our your troubles on the back burner;   Feedback will come from this approach and new energy  

You may say ‘ That’s crazy, you must put yourself first!   Enough of the modern downbeats in life!  Be a bit brave and have trust - and a whole new 'Bigger Picture' will unfold.

   Read these excerpts - they help to bring out ideas behind LINK'S work. 

 A Cave of Living Treasures     Youth at Risk     At the right speed    Meeting Reality



















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      'So we bump and 'battle' through. We can go it alone, or work together as we struggle to establish   ourselves. This series exists for those who want to share experiences and make the trip as tolerable as   possible. First we need a common idea to work from, one that sums up how we. Lets take 'biz,body, soul' as our model.

  There must be harmony between these parts, our parts, so we may feel truly together or 'holistically whole.'   On one side we need a sound Body, good exercise and good diet. On the other side we need happy relationships,   hope, meditation and prayer to awaken a sound Spirit / Soul   These experiences and many more are processed in our Minds,   so, with the right balance, we begin to feel together and whole.

        PHASE 2   -   GOING FURTHER     'Special approach - stored energy - gaining access'

      ' Our special approach encourages a new warmth and presence in life. Simply it means looking out for our   others and its theme runs through all our work' It's more than just 'one good turn will bring another back' -   it's more like a building up of rewards in storage until you really need some help. Then help will   unexpectedly come back to you.

      Is this a sort of spirit thing? Maybe so/maybe not - because this stored away energy is solid and reliable. With words   it is difficult to express and you have to discover it in a sort of DIY process. By looking out for others this   energy/presence builds up and can becomes your personal strength and reserve. Most important to this work is LINKS   'special approach.' Simply this means looking out for others. When you can put them first. Often people will respond   warmly to this.

      Let's go further still. It's a lot more than one good turn brings another back - it's more like putting energy in STORAGE.   Then, unexpectedly, and when you really need it, this energy returns to help you. You may have noticed this effect, or you   may say ' sounds a bit strange, do you mean a sort of spirit or power?'

      Let me explain how it works - 'this energy you store away is solid and reliable. It is as if it is set up in the very science   of creation. It's difficult to explain in words. It is best to discover it through a sort of DIY experiential process. Take the   'risk', put others first, and this energy will build up. It will become your personal strength and reserve. Still sounds   strange?- but so is life without something to be certain of.

      Did you hear the story? 'There was a man ('only a carpenter' they said) who said and did a lot of wonderful things.   After this time some of his special energy conyinued on, was embedded in life, in creation.' This energy is always   available for those prepared to take the 'risk' to try it out - it is always solid and reliable.

      And Comment received

          ' I found your Body, Mind & Spirit piece very interesting. I was especially interested in the STORAGE approach   which you mention and I do agree with. I have taken the DIY approach to this and have too found that it does   work. Sometimes when you do things for free, or spend time on something where there is no direct return or   even financial reward, its quite funny how for some reason it seems to come back in a different way when   not expected. I do however think that this is the same in all walks of life, not just Christianity or Buddhism (karma) but in   all religions and even just to uphold the 'love thy neighbour' way towards life. To close, the STORAGE system I do live by   and even when I say to myself 'this isn't working, I've done loads for this person or organization and to date they haven't   returned any favours, …something happens. This can be from another person who is not directly linked to the favour but   it really is strange how it works….I think, if I could sum it up in words, it would be 'what goes around, comes around'.

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