Meeting Reality

Uopdate 18May 2007 'our reality washed away?'

Dire media at every corner takes it's toll. So throw out the box? Perhaps not, some TV is valuable.

Did you see the Eastenders episode where Dot has just done her Samaritan deed? Now she is up against Jim. First she rescued the baby and now she gives shelter also to its mother; the girl is an 'illegal' and she and the baby are ensconced in Dot and Jim's house. Jim doesn't agree and rings the authorities to pick her up - whatever will happen? I think we know it will be OK in the end.

When it helps us relax and informs us telly can be useful. Yet, for me at least, a big problem is left; too much media is negative and smothers original thoughts. It seems to me its repetitive drones weaken us and our chance for personal reality is lost!

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