Amazingly this simple drink can also help with joint stiffness as it helps to dissolve the acid granules that form as we eat too many 'acidy'foods in our modern diet. 1/4 t/s in a beaker of warm water is fine.    And (2)  try eating Sour Kraut before or with our meals. SK is capable of buiding up our immune system which helps us to tackle most diseases. Get the sort made with just sea salt and cabbage - it must not be pasteurised or homogenised
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 INTRO - BIZ BODY and SOUL A happy combination of these three elements is the starting point for GOOD HEALTH, both  physical and mental. You will often find crossover between each element. Obviously this is not surprising because of the  holistic nature of our bodies. Some stepping stones for our 'journey of discovery' can be found in this section. If you have questions on what is said here click the box for the easy form provided and we will answer you ASAP. THANKS.







   BODY MATTERS - A PREVENTATIVE AGAINST ALMOST ALL DISEASE Remember amost all our disease (DIS-EASE) is caused by our 'Western' life style. We tend to eat many of the wrong things. Certainly we have some excuse for this as the very tempting suopermarket shelves are loaded with foods made more tempting by their additives. Of course many contain extra sugar and salt. Msg is also added (mono sodium glutamate), this makes us want to eat more and more when we have already eaten enough. Maybe surprising but it is perfectly true that many people in the UK eat 2 to 2 1/2 times the amount they really need. The problem then is to learn how we can turn off our 'Hunger Switch' -------- Also many have become lazy and take little exercise. Please read below on Exercise, Diet and Supplemements


  Biz, Body and Soul!



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      For the Body Exercise   Many  routines go for  appearance, to improve   the 'six pack'   muscles, chest and biceps -   but what of  the core or foundation   muscles. Our core   muscles are internal;   they stabilise our   bodies and cover   essential functions such   as walking,   twisting, bending, pulling,   pushing and squatting. Over recent history man's routine has changed. Once we had to squat at the toilet, now we sit in comfort. We no longer pull and twist and lift to climb trees. We often don’t earn our livings by physical work. As a start walk or gently run up and down stairs 10 times a day, that will do lots of good. Walk outside for ten or twenty minutes -----more to follow
Follow a healthy maintenance diet i.e. 'we should use up/ burn what we eat each day’ There is polyunsaturated fat in two forms, one good and one bad; also saturated fat: too much of this is bad. The trick is to have mainly polyunsaturated fat containing omega 3 fatty acids (such as in mackerel and sardines): and with correct diet and regular exercise to keep this at the right level. Cut down carbohydrates and get in good proteins. In our western diet there is far too much bread and fancy cakes; and far too much potato is eaten as chips and fried food.     Almost impossible to miss out all the delicious treats but here are two SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE REMEDIES - (1) drinking Bicarb of Soda in warm water can stabilize our ph levels/ acid levels -and the only side effect may be a settled stomach and better health.