Biz, Body, Soul!




      'Soul - discover the living part of yourself,  it lifts you and gives fresh hope and wellbeing'

Here is the good and positive. Here are ways to overcome troubles, to get the right state of mind , the 'psyche' of hope.

  The process is essentially, 'DIY'.  You look for brightness in your life, in your relationships--- and, as you give friendship, you will find it coming back to you; and building block will fit with building block.  It is like being in a building, a structure, a framework, a sort of UNIVERSAL ENERGY  that responds to this way of living. This UNIVERSAL SOUL/ ENERGY, is around us,  not easy to find at first but keep looking and you will discover this living part of yourself responding. It will lift you above the struggle, the everyday race for survival and the secret of wellbeing will be yours.  

'The idea that we almost all of us have subconscious phobias and fears which we cannot get rid of is not new. There is often an old happening that still lives in us, it haunts us and affects almost all of our conscious moments. Why should we let what is finished and past spoil our everyday life? Only in finding and recognising these moments of trauma and fear can we face up to them and get rid of them. As we learn to do this we can obtain wellbeing and happier relationships. For more on developing methods to banish these traumas and fears read on.

'You may be caught in the 'blame culture' - don't blame people for what happened - even though you think they were completely to blame and not even 10% of it was your fault!   Sometimes you will not be able to eradicate the memories completely but to be able to forgive is what's important. If you are still blaming someone or whatever caused this or that terrible situation, you are simply keeping that very bad thing in your life and it gets into your thoughts all the time! The trick to get freedom from any phobia is to see that you are ruining your present life by living in your past. Kick that memory out!  Live, bring in a new positive experience, smile, and be happy for today and for others.

And sometimes we need a happy pause from these serious thoughts - Remember the children, their enjoyment can help us discover our souls. So we produced this little book                                              

'Donald the Donkey' is a tale many children will enjoy hearing; so turn off the TV and patiently read with them, you will soon feel the positive effects!

'At first glance, there’s nothing special about Donald the Donkey! He spends most of his time grazing, trying to rid himself of flies and moaning about the weather. Apart from one thing - Donald has a secret… Children of all ages will enjoy hearing, or even reading for themselves, this 'magical' story time and time again! -----

Click here for your free pdf version.